DaChan Flour Mills - Shenzen - China

The Dachan Flour Mills is part of the historical memory of Shenzhen. Its construction probably dates back to 1980 but in 2010 it was closed.
In 2015, the UABB, an association of Culture and Education, has chosen to use this site to situate its headquarters. This allowed the NODE study, which deals with architecture and urban planning, to take care of its restructuring and its expansion.
The input of the entire complex is located in the south-west of the building 8. This building (Building # 8) it is a classic building made of reinforced concrete and is very beautiful and elegant.
The facades were preserved almost intact, but the interior space was redesigned to accommodate exhibitions of UABB.
The old steel roof of the building has been restored and this brings the building back when it was in operation.
Some external stairs guarantee the distance in the building without compromising the original purity.
The total project aerea is 1752 sqm.

[project selected by Maria Chiara Bernasconi]





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