Mountjoy Square House - Dublin - Ireland

An existing derelict end-of-terrace Georgian house of the early XIX century, in Mountjoy Square, Dublin, is brought into re-use as a family house.
The main goal for Donaghy and Dimond was to accommodate the clients’ housing needs of comfort and budget completely maintaining all the features of the existing Georgian envelope and respecting its appearance, structure and materials.
The architects intervened in the main facade on Mountjoy Square in a seemingly imperceptible way by only substituting the old windows for the new and thermal ones, designed with the same Georgian style so that the intervention is not visible.
All the new services are carefully inserted as a part of fitted furniture to allow the building to revert as dwelling without modifying its structure, form and nature.
The architects provided for the request of a private external space with the creation of a roof terrace to replace a burnt-out bedroom within the existing envelope.
The memory of the preexisting bedroom survives in the element of the fireplace and chimney which the architects maintained in the terrace creating a intimate space for living.
The hearth for the family completely open to the sky.

[project selected by Silvia Diaz]





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