Shanghai Museum of Glass - Shanghai - China

Located in Shanghai’s Baoshan District, this former glass manufacturing site covers a total area of 29.612sqm including thirty existing buildings varying in age and scale. logon developed the entire 20 year strategic development plan renaming the site to G+ Glass Theme Park (Glass, Art, Research and Technology Park).
Phase one includes the Shanghai Museum of Glass and a hot glass show covering a total site area of 5.785sqm. The decision was made to design a glass museum in phase one. As the site location is not well known due to the projects’ inconvenient location, a ‘Loss Leader’ status for the first phase was decided. This business concept was chosen as the entire site needed a way to build brand awareness of the site and value of the surrounding land; at the same time add value to the Baoshan district and community, thus the Shanghai Glass of Museum concept was realized.
Following phases of G+ Glass Theme Park include a sculpture yard in phase two, a science park in phase three and a business park in phase four all supported by commercial facilities planned to be complete by 2018. The Shanghai Museum of Glass multifunctional design combines exhibitions with hot glass shows, DIY workshops, lectures, libraries, restaurants, shops, public space. Its sustainable adaptive reuse design and modern feel incorporate old and new ideas making it the first of its own kind in China. The new entrance building stands on the Entrance Plaza acting as a welcoming platform for the museum. Contrasting the dark facade with the bright lobby interior creates a unique first impression for visitors to the museum. The facade is made from U-shaped glass imported from Germany, sand blasted to reveal transparent glass-related words in various languages. Behind the glass facade is a LED backlight that allows light to glow through each word on its black background the final effect is breathtaking by night.

[project selected by Shengyu Shi ]





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