10 Houses on Cairns Street - Liverpool - United Kingdom

Assemble are working with the Granby Four Streets CLT to refurbish 10 derelict terraced houses on Cairns St in Toxteth. The project is the result of a hard-won, 20 year battle by local residents to save the houses from demolition. What started as a neighbourhood project to save their houses became an intensive work from Assemble to change the perception of these streets, proving they were worth keeping.
Assemble worked alongside with the community to paint and refurbish their houses, while integrating pieces made of donated and reused materials to keep present memories of the places. For the past years, they have been pursuing a different vision for architecture that articulates a DIY attitude and a consciousness for conserving and reusing spaces of everyday life in a simple but many times surprising approach.

[project selected by Marta Sofia Silva Ascenso Dos Santos]





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