Expansion Hospice San Gottardo - Airolo - Switzerland

After the fire of 1905 the building was connected to the south side of the small original chapel of the sixteenth century.
The project enhances this effect character and adds a new contemporary layer. All this is done with the necessary respect for the cultural monument and applying all the most accurate measurements. While these measures they want to eliminate misleading parties, on the other hand serve to strengthen existing characteristics architectural and historical significance. The buildings, previously perceived as separate structures, are now united under a large roof, covered with lead sheets. The main facade is extended to a plan and various types of windows tell the story of their respective past centuries.
Under this imposing façade, visitors can enter the building through an old wooden portal and can go on to the upper floor through the historical scale. Here is the large room with the old stove in soapstone. Guests are located on the upper floors aligned down the hall, covered with natural plaster. Just like in a residential house, the visitor can enter his room, lit by a little window. As an extension of a simple bed room is placed in an alcove. The comfortable guest bedroom is framed by an imposing wooden construction, that gives an antique look. The rooms are sparsely furnished, recalling the days when the house was a simple shelter. In order to carry out the activities of a contemporary hotel the southern gabled facade made of stone blocks has been extended by one floor. The cornice is fortified by a concrete band, placed over the bricks. This band also absorbs the thrust of the new roof. The new parts of the facade are covered with the same rough plaster found on the existing structure. Above the second floor the internal structure of the rooms have been completely dismantled. In the existing facade was introduced a wooden structure which originates from historical examples of the region. The wooden insulated structure is improving the energy efficiency of the building, which now can be heated with geothermal energy.

[project selected by Claudia Soricelli]





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