Out of prison - Krems - Austria

The project “Out of prison” by Gabu Heindl asserts the right of all to architecture as a means of guaranteeing the environmental quality of places.
The dimensional and functional inadequacy of the main yard of the prison of Krems, dreary and sunless place, shut in by the walls of the prison, is at once resolved by laying down inside the yard the emerald green turf of a mini-size football pitch. The edges of this carpet have had to be partially folded up against the walls, and it is precisely the evidence of this blatant lack of space that communicates the essence and the physical impact of a restrictive condition that demands change. By placing the mini-sized football pitch, Heindl changes the function of the yard, keeping the dimension and the topography of the existing, by giving a new program to the yard. In these terms the project is radical reuse: it transforms completely a place, changing the perception of it without touching the existing.

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