Famous Office - Groot-Bijgaarden - Belgium

The old monastery has to become a new office. The rooms at the Wivina Monastery
are to become the working landscape of the Famous office.
The wall between the corridor and room does not appear to be original. Or maybe was not in that place. The removal reveals old paintings. Even more old colours and drawings are revealed sporadically in the clean-up. If the wall is replaced by a glass wall facade that lets corridor and room look at each other, it is the first move towards the idea of landscape as office. If beams come free or have to be added or if columns are put in their place, everything becomes a lot, and a little more of everything. But the colour of each room was read and subsequently that colour was used regardless whether it had been rediscovered or had remained invisible. Suddenly everything is a whole. Each room is different. But even with that, just a whole again. Colour as a leitmotiv.
And the old doors painted. If they open, then they connect no longer just rooms, but join with the sliding glass walls to open angles that make rooms glide into landscapes.

[project selected by Jonas Wenzel Virsik]





Architecture as Resource / Imprint