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Grabeskirche St. Bartholomäus - Köln - Germany

The simple and powerful three-aisled concrete church of St. Bartholomäus in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, built in 1960 and designated by the architect Hans Schwippert, is rededicated as a sepulchre and columbarium (latin: columba - dove).
The urn chambers are arranged around the periphery of the central nave, the chapel, encircled by a translucent mesh of metal rings, is placed at the centre of the burial complex, performances can take place on both sides.
The division of space is achieved by the use of artificial lighting at the front and rear of the net, during religious services the chapel room will remain bright while the rest of the time the net will function as an external reflective surface providing light for the columbarium.

- courtesy Kissler+Effgen





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