Smart Air - Convective Apartments - Hamburg -Germany

In meteorology, convection is described as a vertical movement of air that occurs as a result of thermal differences.
It is upon this natural motion that Swiss architect Philippe Rahm based his concept that he developed for the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg.
Warm air rises, cool air sinks—the “Convective Apartments” applies this vertical temperature discrepancy to living areas.
Rahm proposes that instead of the customary horizontal zoning, living space should be vertically zoned according to their use and required temperature.
The apartments are terraced in a “thermal landscape,” with the living area upstairs and the sleeping area below. The spaces can be left open—there is no longer a need for walls to define them.
The overall temperature of the dwellings is also lower; instead of being the same throughout the apartment as is usually the case, the required temperature can be reduced to a minimum.





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