Building Complex Südstadtschule - Hannover - Germany

In a former school for the visually impaired, MOSAIK Architekten implanted sixteen apartments, three offices, and a library for children and teens.
After the school moved out, the three-winged building complex, built in 1962 by Friedrich Lindau, was sold to a building consortium and redeveloped as a residential complex by the architects in cooperation with project developers Plan W.
The conversion from school to residential use presented a special challenge, as the entire building is historically listed.
The success of the conversion is owed to the understanding and cooperation of the historical preservation office.
New openings were cut into the walls, new balconies added, and some of the rooms were enlarged.
There are now four “row houses” in the old gym and bungalows in the single-story library wing, while the former classrooms were converted individually or merged into apartments.





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