Heating Plant - Würzburg - Germany

In 2005, the former coal-fired power station at the old Würzburg harbor (built in 1954) was converted into a natural gas power station.
The technological transformation that took place inside the building was made visible to the outside world by Brückner & Brückner with their striking new façade design.
The impressive building, with its pragmatic machine aesthetic, had always been something of an oddity, alienated from the city as well as the river. Now it has received a complete makeover.
The new extension, covered in metal lamellas, evolves from the proportion and volume of the existing complex.
The result is a façade whose color shifts with the movement of the observer as silver-and copper-colored aluminum profiles assembled from different angles cause an interplay of color and an ever-changing rhythm. When seen from afar, an amazing effect occurs: the metal structure seems to blend in with the vineyards on the hills above Würzburg.





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