Officina Roma - Roma - Italy

For the exhibition Re-Cycle: Strategies for Architecture, City and Planet, raumlaborberlin collaborated with Italian high-school students on a prototype for a “recycled villa” made entirely from waste.
In the course of a week, a collage of reused materials was constructed in the garden of the MAXXI Museum in Rome.
Not only did the architects use parts from other buildings, such as discarded doors, windows, and drywall profiles; they also used car doors to build the bedroom wall and old bottles for the kitchen, while the roof was constructed from oil drums.
Workshops and discussions were held in the villa during the course of the exhibition.
Afterward, the building was dismantled and its parts again reused for a workshop on experimental building in Rome.
Officina Roma demonstrates classic techniques of recycling and simultaneously questions habitual standards of comfort and design.





Architecture as Resource / Imprint